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Click this to see pictures from the first Polo Farms Summer Olympics!






























































Polo Farms Holiday Cocktail Party!

Saturday, December 13th

The Social Committee would like to invite you to a holiday party
at the Polo Farms Clubhouse. This event is adults only. We will
provide wine and drinks. Food will be catered by Chef Reto.

Please RSVP by November 1st. The cost is $20 per person or
$40 per couple. Make check payable to Kelly Wise and deliver to:

7010 Cross Hook Court
Summerfield, NC 27358


We hope everyone can make it!


Posted: October, 2014:

The Polo Farms Halloween 2014 Party & Hayride was a great success! Click here for pictures!




Posted: May, 2014:

Posted: October, 2011:

Posted: September, 2011:

Posted: June, 2010:



Posted: December 5, 2009:


Posted: October 27, 2009:

Posted: July 25, 2009:

Mark your calendars for the adult neighborhood pool party!!



September 6: 1st Annual Polo Farms Wine Tasting event - Please rsvp to Kerry Andrews ( kandrews1@triad.rr.com / 644-6981) or
Sue Mangiapane ( suemangiapane@graphicprinting.com / 644-6888 ) - see you there!

April 30, 2008


Polo Farms 2008 Family Pool Party

Saturday June 14, 2008

We will have Pizza and Sodas/ alcohol will be BYOB

You can make your own Ice cream Sundaes!

Moon walk and games for kids


Please RSVP by June 13th to Sue Mangiapane at suemangiapane@graphicprinting.com



Enza Johnson




January, 2006 Polo Farms Bunko. An excellent way to meet your neighbors and have a good time. Ladies of Polo Farms! Please contact Kendall Tyler Battleson (click to find phone number & email) for more information. Here are some great pix from past gatherings!

November 30, 2005
The Annual Polo Farms Homeowners Association meeting will be held December 1 at 7:00 PM at the clubhouse.  Please make every effort to attend or give your proxy to a Board member.  Elections will be held for the Board of Directors and the ARC. A financial review and a review of activities for the last 12 months will also be presented. If you have any questions please call me at 644-9086.

John Crowder

, 2005
Monday Morning Men's Meeting
Each Monday, from 6:30 to 7:30 at the PF Neighborhood Clubhouse, join hosts Rick Spencer and David Pinon for coffee and lively Biblical discourse. "We are starting a new series called Starting Point which is a CD based investigative study of the Bible, it's claims, it's reliability and accuracy." Join Polo Farms Neighborhood men for an intriguing and thought-provoking start to Mondays!

Have questions or need additional information? Please Contact:
Rick Spencer: 430-6228
David Pinon  : 643- 8993


September, 2005

WHAT: Bunko, a social dice game with 12 players
WHO: Ladies of Polo Farms
WHERE: Polo Farms Clubhouse
WHEN: The first Thursday of every month at 7pm
COST: $5 a month toward prizes

Each player is hostess at the clubhouse once a year. Responsibilities of the hostess: invitations, one prize according to a theme of your choice, table snacks, sodas, set-up and clean-up.

Bunko is a Girls' Night Out, so no husbands or children are allowed!

Call DJ Beaton (643-8881) or email djbeaton1@hotmail.com.

Any number over 12 will be put on a sub list, so don't delay!
("Under 40" ladies interested in playing can also have a spot on the sub list.)

Background information on Bunko:

Bunko, a fun and fascinating game, has been around for centuries. It came to the United States when miners at the Gold Rush of 1848 were introduced to the game. Popularity of the game grew and spread Eastward, being played in every city in the nation. It continued to be widely played in game parlors until 1941. The game made a comeback in the 1980's, as more people moved out of the cities and looked for fun and different ways to get together with friends. What better way to spend a Girls' Night Out than with a lively game of Bunko Dice? Enjoy!


June 12, 2004
Despite the overcast sky and cooler temperatures, a good crowd came out for the pool party - good food & conversation - and a lot of fun in the pool for the kids. Special thanks to Glenna Palazzo for coordinating the event!

June 4, 2004
Pool is open & Passes Inspection - Click here for details.

May 25, 2004

Generally Speaking...

Several maintenance-related projects are underway or recently completed in the general areas of Polo Farms -- from renewing the fire-extinguishers in the clubhouse to new locks for the pool area. Exit lights have also been installed the clubhouse and the flagpole is scheduled to be repaired this week.

The landscaping company has done some work around the tennis court area and will be covering the broken junction box with a decorative 'fake rock'. The entrance lights (at Horseman Trail) are also being repaired. Also at the Horseman Trail entrance, evidently maimed by a snow plow last Winter, is broken curbing. The word's still out on whether the county will be paying for fixing it.

Fences, What Fences?
The fence painting project, started Fall 2003, has progressed a great deal & the common areas are almost complete. In fact, the fence facing Strawberry road is scheduled to be painted within the next week. Individual homeowners with fences have the responsibility of maintaining (inspecting, repairing, and repainting) individual portions of the fence bordering their property. Everyone agrees that these fences look nice and are an asset to the neighborhood when maintained. Please inspect your fence and take the necessary steps to maintain it properly - it will benefit us all!



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