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Pool Rules


Please Volunteer! We are always in need of volunteers to open and close the pool - Please contact Kelly Wise or Kim Mullins for details!

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Polo Farms is a Private Pool

All guests must be accompanied by an adult homeowner



2014 Publication



A.       Each owner received 2 electronic “fobs” for access and must have a fob with them as proof of membership while at the pool. If you lose your fob the replacement cost is $25.

B.        Only owners that are current on Association Dues and abide by these rules can use the pool - access will be cut off without warning.

C.       6:00 AM to 9:00 PM (dusk). Exceptions: weather, and when a “Closed” sign is posted.


2.         Restrictions

A.       Polo Farms is a Private Pool - All guests must be accompanied by an adult (21 years or older) homeowner.

B.        Any child younger than sixteen (16) years old must be accompanied by an adult resident while in the pool area.

C.       When the pool is crowded, preference is given to adults for use of Furniture

D.       All pool furniture must be kept at least four feet from the pool.

E.        Please keep pool umbrellas lowered when not in use. It helps to prevent damage caused by wind. If you were the last to leave the pool area, everyone would appreciate if you would lower the umbrellas. 

F.        The pool gate is to be closed at all times – do NOT prop open for guest.  If you are the last person to leave the pool, make sure you close the gate.

G.       Residents should not unlock the front clubhouse door and exiting that way - it leaves the door unlocked for others to enter.


3.         Attire

A.       Appropriate and suitable swimwear is required. Cut-offs of any kind are not acceptable.


4.         Guests

A.       Guests are limited to ten (10) per Family per year and must be accompanied by an adult resident. After that there will be a charge of $2 per guest.

B.        The pool cannot be reserved by homeowners for private events. Community pool parties are allowed if sponsored by the Association.


5.         Sanitation Requirements

A.       Any person with skin abrasion, cold, coughs, infections or communicable disease of any kind or anyone wearing bandages will not be allowed in the pool.

B.        All children who are not toilet trained must wear a waterproof diaper cover that is advertised acceptable and approved for pool use.

C.       No diapers are to be thrown into trashcans.

D.       Sunbathers using suntan lotion must cover chairs or chaise lounge with towels.

E.        All trash, cartons, food, wrappers, etc; must be place in the trash containers provided. Clean up after yourselves!




6.         General Prohibition


A.       No equipment or furniture mat be removed from the fenced in pool area.

B.        Small inflatable rafts and floats are allowed.

C.       For the safety of all, running, ball playing, horse playing, roughhousing or any conduct that is boisterous, harmful or not conducive to proper pool behavior is not permitted. You will be asked to leave the pool area.

D.       Loud music is not allowed.

E.        Diving is not allowed.

F.        Pets of any kind are not allowed in the pool area. This is a rule dictated by the Board of Health.

G.       No glass of any kind is allowed in the pool area.

H.       Smoking is prohibited at the pool and surrounding area.


7.         Liability

A.           The Association is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal property brought into the pool area.

B.           Residents are responsible for any damage caused by themselves or their guests.

C.           Any people using the pool do so at there own risk.


8.    Responsibility

It is the responsibility of Every Resident to see that their children and/or guests are aware of the pool rules and comply with them.


It serves the benefit of our community to remember that having the pool and being able to use it is a privilege and an amenity for Polo Farms. We need resident cooperation to keep the pool clean and make it work for the good and safety of all residents and their guests. 


Thank you.





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