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Tennis Courts

Tennis anyone? Great exercise and a lot of fun - who could ask for more? Be sure to bring plenty of water or sports drink especially if you're planning on playing during the day. Remember (as with the pool) please don't bring glass containers.

Coming Attractions...It's not quite completed yet, but look for a "pairing" feature under the Common Interests section soon that will assist neighbors interested in getting together for a tennis match.

Upcoming Maintenance:
Replace burned-out light, repair cracks in courts and landscaping around the courts should occur within the next few weeks.

Court Rules:
a. Usage is on a first come first served basis...(currently there is no means to reserve specific times)
b. Turn lights out after using tennis/ basketball court.
c. Please close all gates after leaving and dispose of any garbage in the small trash cans provided in the tennis court area or the trash cans by the pool.
d. Please be considerate of neighbors. (avoid excessive noise, lights on too late, etc.)
e. Open to Polo Farms Association members and their guests only. Association member must be present at all times.
f. Normal hours 7:00 am to 11:00 pm any day of the week.

o See Event Calendar!

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o Classified Ads for Polo Farms Residents

o Check out HOA meeting minutes for information.

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The Convenient Links section includes NC area websites with Fun and Interesting Activities. Check it out!



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