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Neighborhood History

The Saura, a woodland tribe of Native Americans, are believed to have had encampments along the Reedy Creek prior to Colonial times. The Saura are believed to have later joined with the more prominent Catawba tribe.

On March 16,1781, it is believed that Colonel Nathaniel Greene retreated across Reedy creek in the vicinity of the property after the battle of Guilford Courthouse.

A portion of the land was part of the Richardson Estate. It was used as a hunting and fishing preserve in the 30's and 40's. Lake Brandt is home to Osprey and Great Blue Herons, as well as other water foul.

In the early 1950s after a series of droughts, damming Reedy Creek created three lakes - Lake Higgins, Lake Brandt and Lake Townsend were formed.

The name Brandt is believed to come from Leon Brandt who was Mayor of Greensboro in the early 1900's.


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