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Note From Architectural Review Committee

Important message to Polo Farms homeowners from the Architectural Review Committee (October 2014):

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) has recently updated ARC regulations to take account of new, more energy-efficient building materials and other changes since the rules were last officially updated 10 years ago. These changes will be especially relevant to homeowners who are replacing windows and considering exterior renovations or additions. In addition, the revised regulations are posted here on the Polo Farms web site in a more user-friendly, one-stop document, so homeowners can access the relevant rules and the application form more easily. The ARC emphasizes that any homeowner considering these or any other changes -- including landscaping plans and the placement of play equipment -- should always contact a member of the ARC in advance as well as provide a written application. The names and contact information of ARC members are listed elsewhere on this site. The new, revised regulations can be accessed by clicking here.

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